Partial Dentures Edmonds, WA

 Both For Functional & Aesthetic Purposes

If you are missing a tooth or a few teeth due to injury, disease, or age, or perhaps you simply want to improve your smile, then you are an excellent candidate for partial dentures.´┐╝

Partial Dentures

What are Partial Dentures?

As their name implies, partial dentures are an abridged version of full dentures. Constructed in either a dental lab or your dentist’s office, technicians create specially-made dentures composed of lightweight metal alloys. The partial dentures are made of plastic resins or porcelain and are covered by a gum-colored acrylic, creating a more natural look for your smile. The difference between a set of partial dentures and a full set of dentures is partial dentures have metal clasps on each end, securing the device to your adjacent teeth in the area that requires tooth or teeth replacements. When your dental need is to replace one or more missing teeth, Distinctive Dentistry, serving Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, and the Northern Seattle, WA, area may recommend partial dentures.

Are Partial Dentures for Me?

Dr. Streit and his well-informed dental team at Distinctive Dentistry are readily available to discuss your options for replacement teeth. During your dental checkup with Dr. Streit, he will evaluate the dental health of your remaining teeth and your overall dental health goals to make the most favorable recommendation for you.

Are there Advantages to Using Partial Dentures?

One of the most noteworthy advantages of partial dentures is their easy removal from the mouth. Sometimes, removal of the partial denture makes chewing easier. Another known advantage of wearing partial dentures is the even distribution of your bite pressure, reducing the wearing down of gum and bone area where your tooth or teeth are missing. In addition, Dr. Streit manufactures your partial dentures so the anchoring metal clasps do not show, thus creating a more natural look, and if, by chance, you lose another tooth in the same area, Dr. Streit can simply add a new tooth to your existing set of partial dentures.

Other advantages to partial dentures are that they are effective immediately, and they are a less expensive means of tooth or teeth replacement. Dr. Streit will be happy to discuss partial dentures with you.

Different Types of Partial Dentures

Distinctive Dentistry will recommend the type of partial dentures that can rectify your replacement tooth or teeth issues. Your partial dentures will give you a smile that makes you feel good and confident. You can choose from the following types of partial dentures.

  • Precision partial dentures, although difficult to adjust, are less visible than removable partials.
  • Flipper partial dentures use metal and acrylic plastic to affix the partial device to your adjacent teeth. They are the least expensive type of partial denture.
  • Cast-metal partial dentures are more durable than flipper partial dentures. They are supported by a metal framework and rest on your adjacent teeth.
  • Flexible-framework partial dentures are made from a nylon-based plastic. Nearly undetectable, the partial denture creates suction to the roof or base of the mouth and forms around the gums above your adjacent teeth. Flexible-framework partial dentures will not strain or deteriorate your natural teeth.

Do I Want Partial Dentures?

Before you even consider partial dentures, you will want to schedule your dental exam with Dr. Streit to determine if you are, in fact, a candidate. He will conduct a thorough examination to evaluate your remaining teeth and gums for any signs of gum disease or unstable teeth. If he detects any of these conditions, it does not mean you cannot get partial dentures. It just means that Dr. Streit must rectify these conditions prior to placement. Remember, partial dentures rely on your gums and your existing teeth for secure placement, so the corrective measures ensure the partial dentures will not cause further deterioration of your overall oral health.

When your goal is partial dentures, know that Distinctive Dentistry’s goal is for you to smile with partial dentures comfortably and confidently.