Periodontal Deep Cleanings - Edmonds, WA

Scaling and Root Planing

The dental procedure, referred to as “periodontal cleaning” or “perio deep cleaning,” allows your gum tissue to heal and reduces pocket depths. The deep cleaning procedure is so thorough that the procedure often requires more than one office visit.

Periodontal Deep Cleaning

Treating Periodontal Diseases with Periodontal Deep Cleaning

When you develop periodontal disease, Dr. Zachary Streit will recommend a dental procedure that coincides with the type and severity of the disease. His first, non-surgical step requires a special cleaning called scaling and root planing. Scaling and planing remove plaque and tartar deposits that have settled on the tooth and root surfaces. The procedure, also referred to as “periodontal cleaning” or “perio deep cleaning,” allows your gum tissue to heal and reduces pocket depths.  In rare cases, a second step Dr. Streit might consider is surgery, but again, this is only in rare cases. Normally, the periodontal deep cleaning is effective.

The Periodontal Deep Cleaning Procedure

Periodontal deep cleaning is composed of two steps: scaling and root planing. Although each step serves a different purpose, they both combine to restore your teeth and gums to good dental health. The scaling removes the accumulated plaque and tartar above and below your gum line and on the surfaces of your teeth. When Dr. Streit planes your tooth, he smooths away the rough places on the root surfaces and removes any infected surface from the tooth.

In addition to removing what should not be on your teeth, Dr. Streit also scales and planes your clean and healthy roots, allowing the gum to reattach to the roots of teeth. Unfortunately, you cannot undo the damage caused to your teeth by periodontal disease. However, you can stop the disease and practice prevention.

For the periodontal deep cleaning procedure, your mouth is divided into four quadrants: your top left and right quadrants and your lower left and right quadrants. Your periodontal disease may only require one or two quadrants to be cleaned or all four. With the quadrants in mind, your periodontal deep cleaning may require sectional cleaning. Sectional cleaning completion can take between two and four visits to our office. If you suffer from dental fear or are apprehensive about the amount of dental work involved with periodontal deep cleaning, Dr. Streit can offer either a local anesthesia or sedation dentistry to ease your concerns.

Usually, the periodontal deep cleaning will treat your gum disease. Because the cleaning is thorough, sometimes the pockets around your teeth will not heal properly after scaling and root planing. If so, you may need periodontal surgery, reducing the pocket depth and making your teeth easier to keep clean. Remember, you would only need oral surgery when your tissue surrounding you tooth remains unhealthy. Dr. Streit or his dental hygienist will be happy to discuss with you further treatment and options available to you.

The Maintenance after Periodontal Deep Cleanings

Your at-home dental cleanings, consisting of brushing and flossing regularly, will be essential to help keep periodontal disease from becoming more serious or from recurring. In addition, after your periodontal deep cleaning treatment, you will want to schedule regular dental checkups with Distinctive Dentistry to maintain good periodontal health. Serving Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, and the Northern Seattle, WA, area, Distinctive Dentistry can stop or lessen your periodontal disease with periodontal deep cleaning.