Dental Technology

Dental technology is growing more amazing by the day. Here in our office, we’re excited to provide you treatment from several modern machines and processes that will increase the quality of your healthcare.


CariVu scanner allows us to find small cracks, lesions, and cavities that are very difficult to see with the naked eye and might otherwise go undetected until they result in greater damage to the tooth.

It does this through a process called transillumination. In every image taken by the CariVu, the enamel will appear in one color, while more porous areas—places where the enamel is compromised—appear in another.

Transillumination is safe for both children and those who are especially sensitive to traditional x-ray radiation. 

Oral ID

In all aspects of dentistry, early detection is always the key to more effective treatment. Nowhere is this truer than when dealing with especially serious matters such as oral cancer.

With Oral ID, early cancer screening is accessible, cost-effective, and highly reliable. The earlier we can catch the warning signs, the more effectively cancer can be treated.

Itero Element Scanner

Intraoral scanners make dentistry faster and easier than ever before. Rather than taking a physical mold of your teeth, our Itero Element Scanner can use a radiation-free sensor to obtain all the measurements we need for a completely accurate digital model.

We are then able to use these digital models for designing crowns, dentures, veneers, bridges, dental implants, or even working out an accurate orthodontic treatment plan. 


The T-scan helps make orthodontia and prosthodontics more accurate and effective. This device measures not only your bite force but also how your biting pressure is delivered. Using this information, we can analyze exactly where we need to work in order to get your smile to its healthiest possible alignment.

Oral DNA Testing and Microscope Analysis

There are several types of bacteria that live in our mouths. Identifying exactly which ones are causing your dental difficulties will help in more accurate and effective treatment. With oral DNA testing and microscope analysis, we can do just that.

Additionally, we can keep an eye out for any other microbes in your mouth and make sure that we know how they can affect not just your teeth but your whole body.


The Nomad is a handheld x-ray unit. This small and easily transportable x-ray scanner has a number of benefits. It uses far less radiation than the traditional x-ray machine, it can be used at any necessary angle, and its portability helps keep costs down—a benefit that transfers directly to our patients. 

Panographic X-ray

X-rays have been valuable in dentistry for well over a hundred years. One of the problems, however, is that a still shot of your teeth will only give us one angle, which can hide problems. 

With a panographic x-ray unit, we can take an image that gets your entire mouth in one long shot. This allows us to see everything from multiple angles as well as how those structures relate to each other.

Talk To Us About Our Dental Tech

If you have questions about any of this technology or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, talk to us today. We’re excited to provide you excellent and up-to-date healthcare.