Sedation Dentistry

Are you avoiding changing the look of your smile because you are frightened or nervous about undergoing lengthy or intricate dental procedures? Are you suffering from poor dental health because just the thought of entering a dentist’s office makes you anxious? Are you angry with yourself because you cannot control your dental fear?

If you live in the Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, or Northern Seattle, WA, area, fear no more! Dr. Zachary Streit and Dr. Joe Albert of Distinctive Dentistry can relieve your stress with sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry reduces your dental fear, anxiety, or phobia and helps you feel at ease during the treatment process, allowing you to achieve a confident, winning smile.

Sedation Dentistry WA
Ways to Overcome Dental Anxiety

Dr. Streit is proud to offer safe sedation dentistry methods to his patients!

Oral Sedation: Oral sedation is a popular option for many patients because it is convenient and needle-free! Come see Dr. Streit and express your concerns. He will prescribe you an anti-anxiety medication to be taken shortly before your upcoming dental visit.

Your oral sedative will kick in within minutes. We select the oral sedatives that we believe work best to relax our patients. Our oral sedatives of choice have long safety records after decades of use and have given more patients access to great dentistry.

Laughing Gas Sedation: Nitrous oxide is a sedative that is inhaled. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is administered during your appointment via a breathing mask. We will place the mask over your nose and you will feel relaxed in seconds.

Nitrous oxide produces a light-headed and sometimes a euphoric feeling. This feeling wears off almost immediately after removing the mask, and there is no “hangover” effect. You can even drive yourself home after your procedure.

NuCalm Natural Relaxation: Looking for a natural way to relax during your dental appointment? NuCalm allows our patients to remain still, calm, and happy during any treatment without using narcotics or controlled substances. NuCalm actually brings your body into the first stage of sleep, so, although you remain conscious, you will not be fully aware of what is going on around you.

Sedation Dentistry

Now you can receive that dental treatment you truly need or the one you have always wanted. Make an appointment online or call Distinctive dentistry at (425) 361-0689 today!