What Simple Carbs Can Do to Your Teeth

Your body needs simple carbs to stay energetic throughout. These nutrients are part of your dietary requirements in addition to proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Simple carbs are part of carbohydrates, which comprises starchy and sugary foods. Examples of the foods that have simple sugars include doughnuts, candy, soda, and desserts, among others. Even though they all taste good, they can still wreak havoc on your dental health. It is the same case with dried fruits such as plums and grapes. Once they are in a dry state, they tend to cling to your teeth or stick between crevices, making it easy for bacteria to cause more damage to your teeth. So, if you are not observing proper oral hygiene or visiting a dentist regularly, rest assured that you will have tooth decay.

How Simple Carbs Affect Your Teeth

Your mouth is a haven for some form of bacteria. These naturally occurring microorganisms are usually harmless, depending on the conditions in your mouth. But when they get into contact with simple carbs and other types of starchy foods, they become a threat to your dental health. They use those carbs to produce an acid that breaks down your tooth enamel. The acid comprises the protecting enamel, causing the dental cavity. This dental problem revives the structure of your teeth, making them weak and vulnerable to infections.

How to Avoid Dental Problems Caused by Simple Carbs

You can prevent tooth decay by observing the best dental health practices. Avoid eating excess foods rich in carbohydrates, including simple sugars. But when you eat them, make sure to brush your teeth after 30 minutes to maintain the structure of your tooth enamel. Brushing your teeth too soon after taking acidic foods or acidic drinks can cause acid wear and weaken your tooth enamel. Also, rinse your mouth thoroughly using clean water or chew sugarless gum after eating to neutralize acid attacks. For more information on how simple carbs affect your teeth, visit us and we will assist you with everything you need to know.