Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Do your teeth hurt while chewing food? Or, do you experience bleeding around the gums sometimes? If yes, know that these are common symptoms of a toothache.
A toothache comprises of soreness and pain in or around a tooth, and it can be quite an uncomfortable, unpleasant experience. It typically occurs due to inflammation in the central part of the tooth, but there are many other causes of tooth pain as well. Take a look.

Cavity In the Tooth Area

A cavity is a hole in your tooth that is generally caused due to decay, which eats up the enamel, the outer surface of your teeth. Cavities aren’t likely to cause any symptoms in the start, but they do eventually cause pain in the tooth, especially when they get enlarged and come in close proximity with the nerves inside the teeth.
This majorly happens when cavities go unnoticed, which is why it’s absolutely necessary to pay regular visits to the dentist.

Gum Disease

Infection in the gums is another common cause of tooth pain in which the gums tend to inflame and become extremely swollen and red. Infection often transforms into a serious gum disease unless you take action and get it treated at the right time.

Tooth Decay

This is caused due to cavity formation and erosion in the enamel, which is the hard outer surface of your teeth. Tooth decay results in throbbing tooth pain by spreading inwards to the dentin, the middle layer of the tooth. When this happens, you are likely to experience sensitivity to touch and temperature in the teeth.

If you happen to be dealing with serious tooth pain, give us a call today. We will help you treat the pain and suggest tips on how to prevent toothache in the future.