What Does Nerve Repositioning Do to Help with Oral Health Issues?


Nerve repositioning is a common treatment procedure that is done to restore complete jaw and lip movement in a patient. Sometimes due to various reasons, people could lose movement in their jaw and this could create multiple dental issues as well as issues with their speech and eating ability. Nerve repositioning is a dental surgery that can help overcome these problems.

Understanding Nerve Repositioning

When a nerve in the jaw is damaged, it can create multiple problems with your overall health. Unless this nerve is repositioned, it becomes difficult for you to regain the functionality of your jaw and teeth. Sometimes even the lip movement is affected and this makes it difficult for you to speak without looking awkward. Some people have faces that tend to drift to one side every time they talk because of nerve damage.

When the nerves are repositioned, it helps to even out the movement of your mouth and the lips do not move awkwardly when you talk. This is an invasive procedure and it’s highly recommended to get this done by our experts that are highly experienced and have great credibility in this field. One wrong move could worsen the damage, so sturdy hands and focus are of utmost importance here.

If you suffer from nerve damage, whether it’s mild or major, it’s important to take one step at a time. It begins with understanding the underlying problem and then working towards a solution slowly and steadily. This may involve a couple of visits to us before the actual surgery so that the planning and prepping is done in the right way.

If you suffer from nerve damage and you want to undergo nerve repositioning, please get in touch with our experts so that we can help you get that sensation back in your jaw and you no longer suffer from any problems.