What are the Common Procedures Done by a General Dentistry?

People assume that because there is an insertion of the word “general” before the term dentistry, some procedures can’t be done in that specific office of dentistry. However, dentists, in general dentistry are equipped with the relevant skills and qualifications to perform different operations. The term “general” is used because they are the primary caregivers. We have prepared a list of standard procedures done by general dentistry.

Teeth Realignment

If you suffer from uneven or crooked teeth, you can realign them at general dentistry. These corrective procedures are done using the following:
Dentists can install braces to help realign your teeth. You do not have to see a specialist for this even though most people think that.
Veneers are custom-made shells that look like teeth. The dentists at general dentistry may model the veneers to fit your teeth. The veneers can help treat chips, stains, gaps, and misshapen teeth.
Dental crowns are custom-made using tooth-looking materials such as porcelain. The crown is like a cap that you can use to cover the tooth’s outer surface, which is above the gum.

Teeth Restoration and Replacement

A general dentist can help you restore your smile. The primary care dentist may do this by replacing your damaged teeth. The process can be done in several ways;
Bonding is a way to repair chipped, discolored, or crooked teeth in which the dentist places a white filling onto your teeth to improve their appearance. Bonding is less expensive than other cosmetic treatments but can stain more quickly and is easier to break.
Dental implants are used if you have missing teeth that make chewing uncomfortable, you can replace them using dental implants. An implant is a new tooth that resembles a natural tooth. It is a great way to replace teeth because if you maintain the implants properly, they can last a lifetime.
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