Common Mistakes We Make When Brushing Teeth

Brushing teeth isn’t as simple as people make it to be. It would help if you used the correct technique for the best results. Many people don’t realize this and make mistakes when brushing their teeth. We have prepared a list of common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth that you should avoid at all costs.

Using Wrong Brushing Techniques

People often use a side-to-side motion when brushing their teeth, which is wrong. It may damage your enamel and gumline. It would be best to brush in a circular motion at an angle of 45 degrees. Using this technique will vastly improve how effectively you brush your teeth. Also, be gentle as you brush; it is best to use a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Not Replacing your Toothbrush

Many people replace their toothbrushes twice a year, which is not nearly enough. You should replace your toothbrush after every three months. After three months, a toothbrush becomes ineffective. Also, after you have been sick, replacing the brush after you get over your illness is best. Germs and other bacteria may live in your toothbrush, making you sick again.

Brushing More Than Twice per Day

The consensus by dentists is that you should brush twice a day. You are hurting your enamel if you brush more than twice a day. Brushing more often is not the ideal way to get cleaner teeth. Instead, focus on perfecting the correct brushing technique for the best results.

Not Cleaning your Tongue

People often don’t clean their tongues. The tongue has papillae which are bumps in which bacteria can hide. The bacteria can form a nasty biofilm that may cause bad breath and contribute to gum disease. Clean your tongue with a tongue scraper which most toothbrushes have on the back of the toothbrush head.
Avoid these mistakes for effective teeth cleaning. Use the correct technique and the proper toothbrush for healthy teeth and gums.