Is A Sore Throat Normal After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

It is common for patients who have recently had surgery to remove their wisdom teeth to have discomfort and pain in the region of their throat following the procedure. You do not need to worry or panic if you have just had your wisdom teeth out and are experiencing discomfort in your throat. This is complete, to be expected.

After having your wisdom teeth extracted, you may have a painful throat due to strained and irritated muscles in the region of the surgical incision. This post-operative problem affects many people who have had one or more of their wisdom teeth pulled. After pulling your wisdom teeth, you will often feel relief from the discomfort associated with a sore throat within a few days, typically within three days. It Is also possible that you’ll have pain and discomfort in your jaw and stiffness. In addition to this, this is brought on by enlarged muscles in the face and jaw. To alleviate the pain and suffering, place a warm, wet compress on the jaw area.

A Sore Throat Can Be Treated At Home

When you have a sore throat, it is in your best interest to gargle and rinse your mouth with salt water. This will help soothe the pain in your throat. Gargle with warm water containing half a teaspoon of salt, and repeat as necessary.

However, use extreme caution. If you had a tooth extracted within 24 to 48 hours, you should avoid vigorously spitting after gargling with water. Spitting too hard might dislodge your blood clot, leading to a condition known as dry socket. A dry socket can impede the normal healing process and bring you much pain and suffering.

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