Is Coffee Good for Oral Health?

For many people, nothing beats a warm cup of joe to kick start their day. It’s a universal habit that they have ingrained in their routines. While there are many benefits of drinking coffee, there are also many concerns about drinking coffee excessively. And one of those concerns has to with our oral health.
At Distinctive Dentistry can guide you regarding the negative effects of caffeine on oral health to help prevent several oral conditions.

The Negative Effects of Coffee on Oral Health

The “everything in moderation” approach applies to coffee consumption as well. Drinking coffee excessively can elevate your blood pressure due to the high caffeine content. Adding sugar to coffee increases the chances of a cavity. If you’re diabetic, drinking coffee can increase blood sugar, promoting gum bleeding and plaque growth.
Secondly, coffee causes teeth discoloration, which occurs when black, brown, or yellow pits appear on the teeth’s surface. This discoloration results from tannins present in coffee that break down in the water and stain your teeth. Lastly, coffee can increase acid production in your mouth and cause internal tooth damage if you don’t wash it away.
If you’re a coffeeholic, we recommend visiting Distinctive Dentistry for regular cleaning and polishing.

The Benefits of Coffee for Oral Health

Drinking coffee in moderation can protect your teeth because it has antibacterial and anti-caries (anti-cavity) properties. The main reason why coffee is good for you is antioxidants. Coffee contains trigonelline, which interferes with cavity-causing bacteria’s ability to enter the tooth’s enamel.
Lastly, research suggests that coffee can improve oral cancer patients’ lives and even protect individuals from liver cancer.
At Distinctive Dentistry, we can guide you on how to prevent toothache and other oral conditions that arise because of excessive coffee consumption. To schedule an appointment with us, call us today.