Save Time With CEREC Crowns

Our dentists recommend CEREC crowns when patients don’t have the luxury of time. This is the latest technology that helps enhance your experience when you visit us. A normal crown requires a mold to be created. For us to get this, we ask patients to bite into a tray mold to get the impression. This is where CEREC crowns come in handy.

Minimally Invasive High Precision Technique

In cases where a dental procedure was just conducted, using a tray mold can make the patient uncomfortable. A CEREC crown, on the other hand, uses a slim camera to take detailed pictures of the tooth. This helps create the perfect crown.
This procedure works well for patients who have a gag reflex. Conservative crowns require taking off certain portions of the natural tooth, but with CEREC crowns we preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. In some cases, if the cavity is too large, we recommend getting a CEREC crown fitted instead.
In case you are worried about a CEREC crown not fitting as well as a regular crown, you should know that the camera takes precise pictures. The CEREC crown is designed to fit better than your regular crown.

Rules Out the Need for a Temporary Crown

With regular crowns, our professionals usually fit a temporary cement crown. This is uncomfortable and crumbles in your mouth. CEREC crowns are same-day crowns so the need for these temporary crowns is ruled out. You don’t need a temporary cover on your tooth and you can walk out with your perfect set of teeth, thanks to CEREC crowns.
If you are holding back because you think a CEREC crown won’t last long then don’t worry. These crowns are designed by our professionals to last up to 15 years. To know more about CEREC crowns, please call and book an appointment at the earliest.