Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked teeth occur due to various reasons such as age, trauma, bruxism, and other factors. Pain and sensitivity or swelling are the common noticeable symptoms of cracked teeth. The article discusses cracked teeth and their causes.

Fractured Teeth

Cracked tooth syndrome or fractured tooth occurs when a crack appears on the tooth. These cracks usually seem very harmless and small; however, the teeth are sometimes split or broken. The tooth has two major parts, the crown, and the root, with enamel, dentin, and pulp all part of the crown. Tooth fractures usually affect both layers of the tooth. Age is a major factor that affects tooth cracking. Additionally, eating hard foods can cause tooth breakages.

Bruxism is another factor that massively contributes to teeth cracking cases. Tooth cracking mainly occurs on the front and back teeth of the lower jaw. People with dental cavities are susceptible to fracturing cases. Several types of tooth fractures exist cracked tooth, crazy lines, fractured cusp, split tooth, and vertical root fracture. Cracked teeth are vertical cracks from the biting surface to the gum line. Craze lines are small cracks that appear on the enamel of the tooth. They are usually not painful. Split teeth are cracks that extend past the gum line and split the tooth in half.


One major symptom of cracked teeth is recurrent pain when chewing. The pain is experienced in impulses as one chews food. Additionally, one experiences teeth sensitivity due to temperatures. Many of our patients have reported prevalent gums and teeth swelling as significant symptoms.

Dentists have several ways to counter the complication. Treatment includes bonding, cosmetic contouring, crown, extraction, root canal, and veneers. Sometimes dentists may avoid treating fractured teeth if they do not cause pain or affect your appearance.

Offering care

We recommend getting the teeth checked out by our dentists. We will diagnose the cracks and see if they require further treatment. Visit us for dental guidance.