Times When Brushing a Third Time Per Day Make Sense

Brushing your teeth three times a day can be beneficial to your teeth and your entire body. You will achieve dazzling white teeth as well as numerous other benefits. It also increases your teeth’ life and lowers the chances of tooth decay and cavities. However, according to American Dental Association, brushing your teeth twice is enough, but brushing your teeth one extra time per day will not hurt, especially if you want to achieve some particular goal.

When You Have Braces

Even though brushing twice per day is the standard brushing routine, people with braces should embrace some extra practices. Ensure that you take some extra care to protect your teeth from discoloring, decay, and gum diseases. Besides being mindful about what you eat, it would help if you also brushed your teeth frequently to maintain proper hygiene. Braces and wires on your teeth can facilitate plaque build-up, leading to more severe teeth issues. It is also important to note that teeth discoloration and staining can cause difficulties when removing the races. Ensure you brush your teeth after all the meals and before bedtime. Ensure that you clean your teeth below the braces and at the gum line to avoid bacteria build-up between the teeth and braces.

When You Have Gingivitis

Gingivitis can cause severe gum diseases and tooth loss. However, with proper dental hygiene, reversing gingivitis is possible. Brushing your teeth at least thrice per day and flossing can reverse the condition. Use antibacterial mouthwash and rinse your teeth for at least 30 seconds after brushing. Remember, brushing twice is the minimum requirement for everybody; going the extra mile will not hurt, especially for those with gingivitis. Visit us for professional cleaning and dental hygiene advice that will help keep your teeth healthy.