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Dental Fear, Dental Anxiety, & Dental Phobia

Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

Patients have different fears depending upon what caused them in the first place. Often times, fears come from things reminiscent of a dental experience.


Dental Fear, Dental Anxiety, and Dental Phobia

Dental Fear and You

Some questions: Are you avoiding changing the look of your smile because you are frightened or nervous about undergoing lengthy or intricate dental procedures? Are you suffering from poor dental health because just the thought of entering a dentist's office makes you anxious? Are you angry with yourself because you cannot control your dental fear? If you live in the Emonds, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, or Northern Seattle, WA, area, fear no more! Dr. Zachary Streit and Dr. Joe Albert of Distinctive Dentistry can subdue or remove your uneasy feelings with the use of sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry reduces your dental fear, anxiety, or phobia and makes you feel at ease during the treatment process, allowing you to achieve a confident, winning smile.

Types of Dental Fear

As with most phobias, psychologists developed the following distinctions between dental anxiety, dental fear, and dental phobia as a means to help dentists determine the extent of your dental fear.

  • If you suffer from dental anxiety, you are having a response to an unknown danger – a danger not yet experienced. Many people experience a degree of dental anxiety, especially if the procedure is a new dental experience, therefore, a fear of the unknown.
  • If you suffer from dental fear, you are having a response to a danger you have experienced. With dental fear, you know what is coming. For example, you have previously received a similar dental procedure and you know what to expect. With this knowledge, you know what the procedure involves, and you are fearful of revisiting that same procedure.
  • If you suffer from dental phobia, you are mimicking a similar response to dental fear, but with dental phobia, your reaction is more extreme and incapacitating. You have strongly stated that you will never enter into a dentist's office – ever! With this strong of a dental phobia, you elude dental checkups, dental cleanings, and all things dental!

Overcoming Your Dental Fear

Dr. Streit or the dental team at Distinctive Dentistry is excellent at evaluating your type of dental fear and addressing your specific concerns. They readily can recommend the suitable sedation dentistry for you. Sedation dentistry conquers the fears that keep you from visiting their office on a regular basis. When they recommend and you are receptive to sedation dentistry, you are more likely to receive your recommended routine care at their office. Knowing that Distinctive Dentistry can reduce your dental phobia, you will feel better about receiving your proper dental care, maintaining good oral health. By overcoming your dental fear, the preventative measures you can now take by visiting the dentist's office will thwart future extreme dental treatments.

Dental Phobia and You

You may not be aware, but your dental phobia surprisingly can affect your life. In addition to obvious dental issues that may develop by not visiting the dentist, your dental phobia can also lead to anxiety and depression. For instance, you may not meet people, even your close friends, because you are embarrassed by the way your teeth look. You may not consider customer service positions where smiling is in the job description. Low self-esteem may creep into your character because you are disappointed in yourself because you cannot perform an undertaking as "easy" as going to a dentist. Finally, you may feel guilty – yes, guilty – because you have not sought out good dental care.

Is it Possible to Overcome My Dental Fear?

Absolutely! Distinctive Dentistry, as mentioned earlier, offers sedation dentistry! Dr. Streit and Dr. Albert can make your dental visit an anxiety-free and pain-free experience. Distinctive Dentistry's dental team's prime concern is your comfort and well-being. You may walk through the office door anxious and concerned; however, on your way out, you will be smiling. You were able to overcome your dental fear!

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