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full dentures

Full Dentures
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False Teeth To Make Your Beautiful Smile

Designed and fitted correctly, full dentures look and function like natural teeth; however, full dentures are removable for proper cleaning, and just like natural teeth, dentures require daily brushing.


Full Dentures

Full Dentures

Dentures, or "false teeth," replace your missing teeth. Surprisingly, replacing teeth dates back to 700 BC when artisans began to hand carve teeth from ivory and bone. The process was tedious and time-consuming. Thankfully, today, if you want to replace your missing teeth, you no longer have to wait for crafters to carve teeth for you. Distinctive Dentistry's dental laboratory can manufacture an upper, lower, or a full set of dentures for you in a timely manner, and you do not have to worry about the use of ivory or bone. Dental technicians use porcelain composite to quickly manufacture your false teeth that fit comfortably and look natural.

Are Full Dentures Right for Me?

Dr. Streit will determine if you need full dentures. For example, if every one of your teeth is missing, full dentures are for you. If a few of your teeth are missing and your remaining teeth require dental treatments, then full dentures are for you. Dr. Streit may recommend extraction of your remaining teeth to give you a complete smile. In addition to creating a winning smile, full dentures enhance your eating and speaking abilities. With full dentures, Dr. Streit can create the perfect size, shape, and color of your teeth. Distinctive Dentistry wants you to feel confident when you smile. Sometimes, full dentures are necessary to accomplish that confident feeling.

Who Manufactures Full Dentures?

The process to create your perfect smile – your set of full dentures – requires skillful artisanship. Distinctive Dentistry takes impressions of your mouth and then sends them to its long-term-use dental lab, including specifications as to the appropriate size, shape, and color your false teeth should be. When your dentures are complete, you will return to Distinctive Dentistry for a consultation and fitting. During this consultation, Dr. Streit discusses the overall structure and fit of your full dentures; nevertheless, you have the final say in choosing the full dentures that create the smile makeover you desire.

What Keeps Full Dentures in Place?

Suction holds your dentures in place. By placing your denture over your gum, you create suction between your gum and the denture. Usually, the suction is sufficient to hold your denture in place, but sometimes, you may need to use a bonding agent to secure your false teeth in place. However, when the suction and adhesive product are ineffective and you still have continuous slipping of the denture, Dr. Streit may recommend dental implants to correct the slippage situation.

Determining If Full Dentures Fit Correctly

Remember the impression Dr. Streit or his hygienist took of your mouth? That impression provided them with the mold they used to manufacture your full dentures. They should fit correctly, yet sometimes an adjustment may be necessary. You want to allow at least a month or two to adjust to your new, full dentures. Functions such as speaking, eating, and smiling should become as natural for you as if you are using your natural teeth. However, if at any time, you have pain or notice your top and bottom dentures do not line up properly, call Distinctive Dentistry. Its goal is for you to enjoy your new, full dentures without any difficulties.

Following are guidelines to go by in determining a proper fit of your new full dentures and to help you through your adjustment stage.

  • Do my full dentures fit correctly?
    • If the dentures slip while you eat, talk, or smile – No
    • If your gums get sore – No
    • If you build up excessive saliva or have a dry mouth – No
  • Helpful Aids During Your Adjustment Stage
    • When eating – Cut smaller-sized bites, steam vegetables, and avoid hard-to-eat meats
    • When speaking – Read aloud to notice pronunciation irregularities
    • When adjusting – Massage your gums softly and drink water to help with dry mouth and to lessen excessive saliva
    • When Slipping Occurs – Ask Distinctive Dentistry for their recommended dental adhesive

What is the Maintenance of Full Dentures?

When you have full dentures, you should maintain them as if they were your natural teeth. You should remove them daily for proper cleaning and daily brushing.

Just like your natural teeth collected bacteria and created plaque, full dentures collect bacteria and create plaque, too, and plaque still can build up on your gums. You will want to brush your false teeth and gums gently with a mild soap, a mild dishwashing detergent, or baking soda to prevent future dental problems. Surprisingly, toothpaste is not on the list of acceptable cleaning agents. Unlike your natural teeth, toothpaste can be too coarse for your new dentures. Distinctive Dentistry will happy to recommend the appropriate product for cleaning your full dentures.

With Full Dentures, will I still need a Dental Check Up or Exam?

Absolutely! Even though you now have false teeth, you still need to schedule dental checkups to protect your dentures and gums. Dr. Streit wants to eliminate any potential dental issues. He will check the soft tissue of your mouth, including your tongue and cheeks. A dental exam is the ideal time for him to determine if you have any infections or developing mouth conditions. He can also perform an oral cancer exam. Early detection of dental issues is how Distinctive Dentistry maintains your optimal oral health. Based on your specific dental health, Dr. Streit will recommend how often you should visit Distinctive Dentistry.

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